‘Woman with an Editing Bench’ links

The short film screened at this year’s SCSMI conference ‘Woman with an Editing Bench’
is now available via DVD or streaming through the educational distributor Ronin films:

For SCSMI members whose institutions already have Kanopy, you can access it directly:

‘Woman with an Editing Bench’ is a research output from my study of Elizaveta Svilova – the wife, editor and life long collaborator working side by side with Dziga Vertov on every significant film he made. Svilova is the woman you see editing in ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ (1929), but her contributions to this, the ‘best documentary of all time’ (Sight & Sound, 2014), like those of so many historical women in film and in editing, are insufficiently recognised. ‘Woman with an Editing Bench’ aims to recuperate her legacy and it would be great to screen in film studies classes alongside ‘Man with a Movie Camera’!

For those interested in the cognitive questions the research is investigating, or in creative practice as research, here is a nice write up of both and of the film: http://bit.ly/Pearlman_RTAug23

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