We welcome scholars and practitioners from any discipline who wish to examine and explore the connections between movies and mental processes. Our members include motion picture historians, philosophers, experimental psychologists, social scientists, and filmmakers, from around the world.

Our annual membership fee is $80 for established professionals and $40 for students and Ph.D. candidates. (Our conference registration fees are discounted for students and Ph.D. candidates, as well.)

Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription of our award-winning journal, Projections: The Journal of Movies and Mind, including online access to all past issues.
  • The opportunity to present at our annual conference. (Anyone may attend, but membership is required to present.)
  • Recognition as a member of our Society, including the possibility of becoming a Fellow.



The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image is a not-for-profit corporation. Anyone is welcome to become a member, by payment of dues. All members are welcome to attend meetings of the Society at our annual conference.


Officers and Board

Jeff Smith, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Past Presidents
Stephen Prince,Virginia Tech
Murray Smith, University of Kent
Carl Plantinga, Calvin College
David Bordwell, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, emeritus
Joe Anderson, U. of Central Arkansas, emeritus

Secretary and Treasurer
Joseph Kickasola, Baylor University

Membership Director and Webmaster
Dirk Eitzen, Franklin & Marshall College

Editor of Projections
Ted Nannicelli, University of Queensland

Social Media Coordinator
Alaina Piro Schempp, University of Birmingham

Board of Directors
Barbara Anderson, Joe Anderson, Katalin Bálint, Maria Belodubrovskaya, Todd Berliner, Margrethe Bruun Vaage, Dirk Eitzen, Cynthia Freeland, Andreas Gregerson, Joseph Kickasola, Ted Nannicelli, Karen Pearlman, Carl Plantinga, Johannes Riis, Jeff Smith, Murray Smith, Tim Smith, Malcolm Turvey

Richard Allen, Barbara Anderson, Joe Anderson, Henry Bacon, András Bálint Kovács, Katalin Bálint, Daniel Barratt, Anne Bartsch, John Bateman, Maria Belodubrovskay, Todd Berliner, Robert Blanchet, David Bordwell, Margrethe Bruun Vaage, Catalin Brylla, Noël Carroll, Tony Chemero, Gregory Currie, James Cutting, Jens Eder, Charles Eidsvik, Dirk Eitzen, William Evans, Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Dan Flory, Barbara Flückiger, Cynthia Freeland, Jonathan Frome, Jason Gendler, Andreas Gregersen, Torben Grodal, Lennard Højbjerg Hansen, Bruce Hutchinson, Joseph Kickasola, Miklos Kiss, Mette Kramer, Birger Langkjær, Dan Levin, Paisley Livingston, Benjamin Meade, Stuart Minnis, Wyatt Moss-Wellington, Wayne Munson, Ted Nannicelli, Karen Pearlman, Héctor Perez Lopez, Carl Plantinga, Johannes Riis, Sheena Rogers, Brendan Rooney, Rikke Schubart, Ben Singer, Mario Slugan, Jeffrey Smith, Murray Smith, Tim Smith, Monika Suckfüll, Paul Taberham, Ed Tan, Lazlo Tarnay, Aaron Taylor, Kristin Thompson, Pia Tikka, Yuri Tsivian, Malcolm Turvey, Casper Tybjerg, Julia Vassilieva, Peter Wuss, Jeffrey Zacks, Dolf Zillmann