SCSMI2017 – Helsinki

Dear SCSMI members

Our 2016 conference at Cornell was a great success – thanks again to James Cutting for putting on an excellent show. But no peace for the wicked: preparations for the 2017 conference in Helsinki are already underway. Please see the initial announcement from Pia Tikka below, in particular the very special opportunity to attend the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland, which follows immediately after the conclusion of the conference. In order to plan effectively for this venture, Pia asks that all members fill out the Doodle poll she has created (link below), so that she has an initial sense of numbers for the film festival. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to seeing many of you north of the Arctic Circle!

Best wishes,

Murray Smith
Professor of Film Studies, University of Kent
President, Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image


SCSMI2017 Helsinki Finland, June 11–14, 2017

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS) in association with the University of Helsinki (Prof Henry Bacon) is happy to invite you to the SCSMI2017 conference in Helsinki (June 11–14).

Follow conference updates at

Accepted presentations announced February 4, 2017

The Helsinki conference program starts on the 11th of June at 10 am with a keynote, and ends on the 14th of June at 3 pm. Detailed program will be announced in mid March 2017.

See more detailed information at

SCSMI2017 in Helsinki is easy to reach by air from everywhere in the world; Capital City attractions; For instance, you may visit the national audiovisual institute for your research; etc. In curiosity for those who want to travel more: visa-free one-to-two-day trips to St. Petersburg, Russia (train 4 hours, see or easy trip to the city of Tallinn, Estonia (fast ferry 1,30 minutes).

We advice you to book your trip and accommodations as early as possible. See a range of accommodation options (prices ranging from B&B; hostels to hotels). We have also made pre-reservations in this self-service hotel, which you will be able to reserve independently or via our webpage (available soon).

Special features: We offer you an opportunity to attend the uniquely famous (sic!) Midnight Sun Film Festival founded 30 years ago by the Finnish filmmakers Mika and Aki Kaurismäki and their fellow filmmakers, June 15–18, 2017. This is a special section of the SCSMI2017, which everyone, whose schedule allows, should participate.

Knowing how many of the SCSMI members are interested in attending the film festival allows us to reserve accommodations for everyone, as the festival is very popular.

Please, reply to this quick doodle poll for us to get an idea of the interested Midnight Sun Film Festival goes.

The Midnight Sun Film Festival provides a unique possibility to view films 24 hours a day (!) in a small exotic town, crowded with enthusiastic festival guests, cinephiles, and celebrated international filmmakers. The inspiring Nordic landscape, hiking in the nature, local culture plus the midnight sun add to the attraction of the event. Explore the webpages and you will understand why the festival is so fascinating

To travel to the film festival we would take a night train (June 14) or you may consider a 45 min flight from Helsinki to city of Rovaniemi. From Rovaniemi there is a 1,5 hour bus transportation to the festival town Sodankylä.

With the 30 years of wonderful festival history, the accommodation and services are well organized. However, the SCSMI participants would be advised to book their travels and accommodation at the MFF in the earliest stage for best offers.

We look forward seeing you at the Helsinki SCSMI2017 conference and afterwards at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland! More details follow soon.

Best wishes,

Pia Tikka
Research Fellow (Aalto University)
Adjunct Professor (University of Lapland)
Leader of NeuroCine & Enactive Cinema teams
Director of Crucible Studio@Media Lab
Department of Media, School of ARTS
Aalto University Finland