Papers announcement: filmmaker-subject relationship

Dear colleagues,

Just a few words to share with you my last two articles published in Studies in European Cinema and Studies in Documentary Films. The latter has been co-authored by my colleague Héctor J. Pérez. Both articles are based in the idea I introduced in the presentation that I made at the SCSMI conference in Lancaster two years ago. In both of them, I suggest that in a nonfiction context, it is the filmmaker, who first engages with her subject, with whom she maintains long-standing everyday relations. In order to explain this kind of relationship, I extend Murray Smith´s “structure of sympathy” to a non-fiction context. The object of study in the first article is the documentary Foreign Parts (2010), directed by French director Verena Paravel and US filmmaker J. P. Sniadecki and in the second one the study is En construcción (Work in Progress, 2001), directed by Spanish filmmaker José Luis Guerin.

You may access to the articles here:

Francis & Taylor, the publisher of both journals, offers 50 eprint links to free access to the article. So in case your institution does not have access to these journals and you are interested in them, please let me know ( and I will be pleased to send the links by email.

Best regards

Dr. Fernando Canet

Associate Professor in Film Studies at the Fine Arts College

(Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain).

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