Almost Done

Almost Done

SCSMI has a new website. It’s almost done.

Our first goal is to make the Forum as useful as possible, with a device-responsive design and the possibility to easily add images and short movie clips.

See Sally Gardner gallop?

I have created a template to make it easy to post visually dynamic posts. (Or a simple text ones, if you prefer.) Here’s a link. Give the Forum a test drive, by posting us something about your recent work. Our hope is to generate lively discussions in the comments section. So, if you have ideas or suggestions for improving the website or enlivening the Forum, feel free to leave a comment to this post, below.

If you have announcements that are not for discussion, like calls for papers, it is best to email the membership. Here’s a link for that.

And SCSMI now has a vibrant and active Facebook group, which anybody can join by requesting access. This is used to announce society events (such as the conference, CfP and satellite events), to post conference photos and videos, link to relevant publications, websites, demo videos, and to generally stimulate discussion about cognitive film and media studies. Here is a link to a feed.

There are bound to be some glitches in the new site. If you encounter one, please let me know. Click this link to email me.

Warm regards,

Dirk Eitzen
SCSMI Webmaster

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