SCSMI 2017 — Helsinki, Finland — June 11-14

Hosted by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS) in association with the University of Helsinki.
Followed by optional attendance at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland, June 15-18

Dear SCSMI colleagues and prospective participants:

We are looking forward to a gathering of enthusiastic scholars, students and professional filmmakers to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between moving image theorists, historians, critics, and philosophers, and scientifically-oriented researchers working on moving-image media.

Exciting topics, prominent keynote speakers, three tracks of inspiring presentations ranging from philosophical inquiries to aesthetics to reports of neurocinematic experiments on film viewing, just to name few of many. The deadline for proposing papers is past, but consider participating anyway!

The SCSMI 2017 conference is organized by the department of Media and the department of Film, Television, and Scenography at Aalto ARTS, in association with the department of Film and Television Studies, University of Helsinki.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS) is one of the most prestigious international universities of art, design and architecture in the world. Key areas of research are design, digital media, audiovisual representation, art, visual culture, well-being architecture and emerging technologies, and urban planning and design. The school’s history dates back to 1871.

In addition to the three and half days filled with programmed presentations and discussions, the conference will include professionally interesting site visits.

The City of Helsinki is easy to reach by air from anywhere in the world. In June a plethora of events and sights will attract the visitor’s attention in the lively capital city of Finland. There are also interesting possibilities to extend your trip to nearby cities, for example, visa-free visits to Tallinn, Estonia (1 ½ hours by ferry), or to St. Petersburg, Russia (4 hours by train).

We also offer you a great opportunity to attend the uniquely famous (sic!) Midnight Sun Film Festival founded 30 years ago by the Finnish filmmakers Mika and Aki Kaurismäki and their fellow filmmakers. This optional section of the SCSMI2017 takes place 15–18 June 2017.

The Midnight Sun Film Festival provides the possibility of viewing films round the clock (!) in a small exotic town, crowded with enthusiastic festival guests, cinephiles, and celebrated international filmmakers. The Nordic landscape, hiking in the nature and local culture together with the midnight sun add to the attraction of the event. Explore the webpages and you will understand why the festival is so fascinating

Looking forward to seeing you at the Helsinki SCSMI2017 conference and afterwards at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland!

Your SCSMI 2017 hosts,

Pia Tikka and Henry Bacon