The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI) is an interdisciplinary organization made up of scholars interested in cognitive, philosophical, aesthetic, neurophysiological, and evolutionary-psychological approaches to the analysis of film and other moving-image media. The society is on the forefront of studying how moving-image media shape and are shaped by human psychological activity.

From the Forum

Attention and Film Narrative

By Art Shimamura

Two recent empirical papers concerning the influence of film narrative on attentional process may be of interest: Cohen, A-L., Shavalian, E., & Rube, M. (2015). The power of the picture: How narrative film captures attention and disrupts goal pursuit. PloS … more . . .

Bibliography on CMT and Cinema

By Maarten Coëgnarts

Dear colleagues, Following the recent publications of Embodied Cognition and Cinema (M. Coëgnarts and P. Kravanja, eds., Leuven University Press, 2015) and Embodied Metaphors in Film, Television, and Video Games: Cognitive Approaches (K. Fahlenbrach, ed., Routledge, 2016) we have compiled … more . . .

Media Mutations 8 – A Cognitive Approach to TV Series

By Murray Smith

  A reminder of the deadline (5 January) for submissions coming up for this conference, co-sponsored by SCSMI.  Further details below. Christmas greetings – Murray Call for Papers: Media Mutations 8 – A Cognitive Approach to TV Series Bologna, Dipartimento delle … more . . .

Fascination of Film Violence

By Henry Bacon

Dear SCSMI-colleagues, I have discussed the fascination of film violence with many of you as I was writing my article “Regardign violence” on this theme for the Projections issued edited by Dirk Eitzen (1, summer 2013). The ideas I got … more . . .