New SCSMI Twitter handle and Discord server to stay connected during the conference

Hi everyone! Dirk has asked me to help out with promoting the SCSMI Virtual Conference 17-20 June 2020.

To that end, I have started an SCSMI Twitter handle @SocietyImage. Please follow @SocietyImage, which will tweet relevant announcements about the conference and SCSMI-related posts afterwards. To tweet anything conference related use the hashtag #scsmi2020

I have also started our very own Discord server to stay connected both during and after the conference. Throughout the virtual conference, this will ideally be used a platform to connect with conference attendees during virtual coffee breaks between sessions. Discord is a free application that allows people to communicate using voice and text in real time. It also has video and screen sharing capabilities. It works for both computers (PC and Mac) and mobile phones. While logged into Discord, you will be able to see what members of the server are online and they will be able to see that you are online as well.

To get started on Discord, 1) Download the app:, 2) Create a username, and 3) Join the private SCSMI server by clicking here:

Here’s a brief instructional guide for how to use Discord (Don’t be shy; it’s really easy to use!):

Please share this information with other members, so that we can all stay together and share our ideas, feedback, and thoughts thoughout the virtual conference!

If you have any question about how any of this works, please feel free to email me at

Thanks and here’s to a great conference!

All the very best,

Dr Alaina Schempp
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

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