New Book: Lessons in Perception by Paul Taberham

Dear Colleagues,

Berghahn, publisher of Projections, has just released an outstanding new book by SCSMI fellow Paul Taberham. Lessons in Perception: The Avant-Garde Filmmaker as Practical Psychologist is available to read in its entirety via open access here . Please also consider requesting that your institution purchase a hard copy of the book. Here is a preview from Berghahn’s website:

“Narrative comprehension, memory, motion, depth perception, synesthesia, hallucination, and dreaming have long been objects of fascination for cognitive psychologists. They have also been among the most potent sources of creative inspiration for experimental filmmakers. Lessons in Perception melds film theory and cognitive science in a stimulating investigation of the work of iconic experimental artists such as Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Maya Deren, and Jordan Belson. In illustrating how avant-garde filmmakers draw from their own mental and perceptual capacities, author Paul Taberham offers a compelling account of how their works expand the spectator’s range of aesthetic sensitivities and open creative vistas uncharted by commercial cinema.”

Thanks in large part to Paul’s work on this project,  Berghahn is enthusiastic about the possibility of partnering with SCSMI on additional books — possibly even a series. I’d be curious to hear from members and fellows informally if they have ideas for projects that might be a good fit for such a series. This forum could also serve as a useful mechanism for an open discussion if people have feedback about this idea.

In the meantime, congratulations to Paul!



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