Hosting Request for 2020 SCSMI Conference

Our 2020 conference is scheduled to be held in the U.S., and we are in need of a member to serve as the conference host, as Dan Flory has just done at Bozeman, Montana for 2018.

SCSMI members organize and administer the conferences on a voluntary basis. The conference director and her/his associates are not remunerated, although payment for services such as student assistance is allowed. The SCSMI conference alternates each year between venues in North America and Europe.

The conference organizer is traditionally granted some freedom to organize the conference as she or he sees fit, including determining the number of papers to be offered, the plenary speakers, the schedule of events, etc. The conference organizer should respect the traditions of SCSMI, however, keeping the conference relatively small and granting speaking times that allow for substantial talks and robust discussions.

If you are able and interested to serve as conference organizer for the 2020 meeting, please be in touch with SCSMI President Stephen Prince at

Thank you.

Stephen Prince
Professor, School of Performing Arts
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061