CfP CINEMA/SERIES A two-day international workshop

Universitat Politècnica de València. EPSG (Spain) – 6th and 7th November 2015

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Veronica Innocenti (Università di Bologna)

Manuel Palacio (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Roberta Pearson (University of Nottingham)

Guglielmo Pescatore (Università di Bologna)

Perhaps more than ever before, films today are the primary source of inspiration for TV serial narratives, with a huge influence on both their productive and aesthetic dimensions. Obviously, a major reason for this is the transition of film professionals to serial production, although there are other factors as yet unexplained that are worthy of the attention of experts. At the same time, the maturation of the serial narrative form has resulted in a reverse trend, whereby the influence of serial products is increasingly recognizable in film narratives and in the film industry in general.

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage critical analysis of the traffic of ideas from film to serial narratives and vice versa, promoting studies to identify phenomena of interest. At the same time, we are seeking explanatory approaches that will help us to better understand the points or processes of influence. Proposals will be accepted from diverse disciplines and methodologies, structured around the following areas:

-Intermediality: dialogue between films and TV series
-Visual influences between films and TV series
-Comparative studies of acting in films and TV series.
-Analysis of literary influences in cross-media intertextuality
-Cognitive approaches to emotions in films and TV series
-Comparative analysis of production aspects of films and serial narratives
– Studies of the transfer of production processes between films and TV series -Interactions between social participatory experiences in films and TV series

Extended deadline for abstracts: 30 June 2015

300-word abstracts plus a 100-word biography should be sent to the workshop organisers:

Fernando Canet:

Héctor J. Pérez:


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