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SCSMI has a vibrant and active Facebook group, which anybody can join by requesting access. The Facebook group is used to announce Society events (such as the conference, CfP and satellite events), post conference photos and videos, link to relevant publications, websites, demo videos and generally stimulate discussion about cognitive film and media studies.

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So today Apple announced the much rumoured iPhone X with a whole slew of new imaging features including an infrared depth camera, IR projector, complex illuminators and multiple high quality natural light cameras. Whilst most of the coverage is focussing on the oddity of unlocking a phone with your face or the novelty of Animojis what they are missing is, what I believe is Apple's ultimate aim of this technology: the iPhone is now the foremost platform for affective computing. The IR facial feature tracking functionality allows any software on the phone to track face identity, emotion and eye movements in real-time. Combine this with the augmented reality (AR) back camera system and the phone now both knows what you are looking at and how you feel about it...... The applications of this technology have been rumoured and experimented with in research labs for decades but have been severely limited by the specialist hardware required. With the iPhone X this technology gives Youtube the potential to know which videos you like, game developers a way of tracking your excitement or confusion, Amazon to read your preferences for products whilst browsing and Facebook to know the last vestiges of your inner self that they have so far failed to infer from your online profile. I am both fascinated to see how app developers use this technology and also mildly terrified.
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